Education on basics and values does not end with school, it starts from school

The world is moving more towards a pragmatic future, and the people of today no longer make choices that guarantee them a financial safety or a job security, rather they follow their dreams in the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment, and make it work for them. They are no longer are in it to survive, but in the path to craft a future they can live without regrets.

The reason for that is the modern education. The modern education in a way has widened the horizons of our minds and allowed us to explore and extract a plethora of information about a single entity from numerous sources. In fact, education has made us reasoners in search of solutions to make the world move forward.

“We have to really educate ourselves in a way about who we are, what our real identity is,” said Deepak Chopra. But let’s be real, in the hustle bustle of our everyday lives, it is hard for most of us to find quality time to spend with our friends and family, let alone sit with a pile of books trying to learn something new.

In the history of mankind, learning something new has never been this simple. But today, owing to the rise in technology, the information is available in the palm of our hands, ready to be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world. This opens new doors to how a person can learn.

Education can be incorporated into our lives in so many ways to help us become the best version of ourselves. Whether it is listening to a podcast or an audiobook while driving to work or taking a walk, or observing the little things we experience every day to try and learn from it. It can be something as simple as gathering information on fuelling your body with the right food to achieve optimal health or something complex like receiving insights on combustion engines and crankshafts to understand how the engine in your car works. All these little things will add up over time to help you become better. The key is to understand how to implement what we learn in our everyday lives to utilise the true potential of the knowledge gained.