Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations
On Attendance and Examination
  1. There are three terminal and two mid term examinations in the year.
  2. A pupil who fails to appear in a particular subject in the examination will not be graded with other students.
  3. A pupil with arrears of fees will not be allowed to sit for the examinations
  4. No individual exam will be held for any pupil apart from the schedule
  5. Students should put in a minimum of 75% attendance. No pupil shall be eligible for promotion unless he/she puts in the above attendance.

A Note to Parents

"The informal Education of a child begins in the Cradle" Home and school both contribute in their own way to the total personality development of the child. To achieve this goal, parent teacher cooperation is a pre-requisite. Our request to you is that as parents, you should keep in touch with the day to-day progress of the child. The remarks made by the teachers in the hand book should be noted. This practice of the parents will help the child do adopt desirable behavior and healthy habits. Our aim is to train the students to prepare themselves to face adversities and convert failures into stepping stones for success. We count upon your unstinting co-operation in our tireless efforts. Our students of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. In this venture we take pride in moulding the children from childhood and leading them to the pages of history.

  • Parents are expected to create a good learning situation to the extent possible at home in order to facilitate the quick completion of the home work assigned by the teachers.
  • Parents should guide their wards to cultivate regular study habits and make them learn TIME MANAGEMENT.
  • Children should be encouraged to speak in English at home as the medium of teaching in English is preferred while guiding your wards in doing his/her homework.
  • Kindly do not encourage the child to be absent from the school unless she/he is sick.
  • When the child is sick or detained at home for any reason, a leave application must be sent by the parents without delay.
  • Incase the child needs leave for 3 days or more; a prior permission in writing must be taken from the principal.
  • In case of illness, a medical certificate must be enclosed along with the leave letter.
  • The Student must attend school on the first and last working day of every term, without fail.
  • Any change in the residential / office address and or telephone numbers should be communicated to the school office at the earliest.
  • Whenever the Central Government or the State Government declares a holiday over the radio, television or newspapers for educational institutions, on account of mourning, hartal, disturbed conditions or any other circumstances, it will apply to the school also. Parents need not send their children to school on such days.

Instructions to Students
  • Bring the school handbook to school everyday.
  • Read the handbook carefully and abide by the norms furnished.
  • "Prayer is the Soul's sincere desire”. Hence participate and attend the prayer and other devotional Bhajans conducted in the school, sincerely to improve a good state of mind and to possess a balanced temper.
  • Students shall display courtesy, good manners and proper form of respect to all teachers and other school authorities regardless of their designations / positions.
  • Be punctual to school by being present on the premises 5 minutes prior to the prayer bell.
  • Habitual late comers are liable for severe punishment.
  • It is a must to come to school in full uniform. Girls must have two plats with Black ribbons. Fancy clips and hair bands are not allowed. Keep your nails clean and closely clipped. Boys must have short and neat hair cut.
  • Dyeing of hair is strictly prohibited.
  • The pupils themselves are responsible for the safe custody of all their belongings.
  • As a safety measure the students are advised not to wear any gold jewellery.
  • No pupils should engage any of the school teachers for private tuitions in the school or elsewhere without the approval of the school authorities.
  • It is a must to converse in English within the school premises.
  • Silence and disciplined behavior must be observed wherever needed and whenever they are asked to do so.
  • Students are strictly warned against entering the laboratory and library without the presence of their respective teachers.
  • Students should not enter the office, Staff Room and the principal's Room without permission.
  • The school will not take up the responsibility if any valuable article if lost by the child.
  • Success comes to those who persevere in their attempts. So make consistent efforts to study well and attend all exams without fail.
  • Scribbling on the walls damaging the school property is strictly forbidden.
  • Students should not leave the school premises during the class hours or lunch or at the interval times. Under essential and unavoidable circumstances, obtaining necessary permission from the class teacher / Principal is a must.
  • "A Sound mind in a Sound Body". To maintain good health students are advised not to buy eatables from the roadside hawkers near the school.
  • Students suffering from any infectious or contagious diseases are strictly forbidden against attending their regular classes till the quarantine period is over. They have to produce a fitness certificate from a qualified doctor.
  • Healthy and Hygienic Snacks Cool Drinks, Tea & Coffee are available in the School Canteen during LUNCH BREAK and at 3.00 p.m.

Note: MALPRACTICE will be severely penalized with immediate T.C. and FINE.

School Uniform
L.K.G. & U.K.G. Boys & Girls – White Shirt & White Shorts (Half-Pant)
Std I to Std II Boys & Girls – White Shorts (Half–Pant) with House Banians
Std III to Std VII White divided Skirts (for Girls) with House Banians for Boys: White Shorts (Half-Pant) with House Banians
Std VIII & Above For Girls : White Salwar with House Dupatta
For Boys : White Pant with House Banians
With White Canvas Shoes & White Socks

The School will provide the house banians along with books & note books. This uniform is to be worn on all Mondays.