Throughout the year, many club events are held to allow students to illustrate and refine their talents as well as prepare them for intra-school competitions. Students can enhance their personal interests and hobbies while also improving their leadership and social skills through club activities. We have 20 clubs to choose from, and students from Classes 6 to 8 can join any of them based on their interests. The Principal, Vice Principals, and teachers interview and pick the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Assistant Secretary for each club. The selected students arrange the year's activities. During club sessions, students share and exchange their ideas and enjoy learning from one another. Every step of the way, teachers are there to assist them. Experts are also invited to speak with the youngsters about their ideas.

Red Ribbon Club

Red Ribbon Club is a movement started by the Government of India in schools and colleges through which students will spread awareness over HIV / AIDS. It envisages instilling charity mind among all the students to extend their able help towards developing healthy lifestyles, donating blood to all the needy by promotion of Regular Voluntary Blood Donation.

RRC was formed in our school especially for girls to motivate and to inculcate among them the spirit of maintaining good health, teaching them moral values, life skill activities and sportsman leadership qualities among the young minds.

Objectives of our club: Red Ribbon Club program started with the objective of bringing about behaviour change in young minds like:

  • Celebrating Life Program
  • Peer education and leadership trainings
  • To conduct social and health awareness programs
  • Awareness on the care of their own health and that of others
  • To motivate youth and build their capacity as peer educators and change agents by developing their skills on leadership, negotiation and team building
  • To understand and acceptance of civic and human responsibility


  • Book mark on nutrition
  • Food pyramid poster making
  • Diet chart
  • Poster making/model on world heritage
  • Life skills / leadership qualities
  • Impact of social media
  • PPT on HIV
  • Quiz on Environment and Ozone Day

Heritage Club

The Club actively collects and disseminates information about everything pertaining to history and heritage. Students are asked to find out interesting facts related to history, share ideas on its care and preservation, and also research about important historic events and their impact now and in the long term. The discussions and the research lead to a better knowledge about the rich heritage in and outside India. Environment is no one property to destroy; it is everyone & responsibility to protect.

  • Activity on drawing a monument, Children participated actively and did a pencil sketch of the monument chosen by them and also prepared a PPT presentation and spoke about its importance as a Heritage.
  • In Warli Painting, activity they came out with lot of ideas and with great enthusiasm and excitement presented their drawing skills.
  • Dynamic interest in participating activities like online Crossword Puzzle on the topic Traditional games, picture quiz on Heritage sites, speech on Kamarajar, Power point presentation on Endangered species.
  • Poster making activity on the topic, Our Heritage Our Pride, Festivals of India were presented using Mandala art. Apart from these Video Quiz on Independence Day, Freedom fighters and their slogans, World Heritage sites and their Facts were the other activities in which students took part with a lot of enthusiasm.

Numismatics / Philately Club

Numismatics club is a unique platform that aims to develop students’ interest in the study and collection of coins. The activities in this club have been done with the motive of instilling a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm towards the origin and evolution of coins through different time periods in different parts of the world. Some students had already taken up coin collection, while other students developed it as a hobby after they joined the club.


Various activities focused on topics like history of coins, names and values of currency in different countries, commemorative coins (coins commemorating monuments, national leaders and important events) were done by the students like

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Coin displays
  • Reports included

Barter system

  • Coinage of ancient empire
  • Currencies of different countries and their symbols
  • Commemorative coins
  • Group discussion on ‘Cash vs. Cards’
  • Quiz

Eco Club

The Eco club was started on 22.06.2021, Tuesday to bring out the hidden talents of our Enthusiastic children to quench the thirst by active participation in sorting out the Environmental issues and to bring awareness among the Children to solve the Environmental issues in our day today.


  • Art from waste - the Children were asked to identify the wastes in their home and to make the best use of them by converting it into a useful material. The children came out with full enthusiasm to show their hidden talents.
  • Debate - What are the consequences due to increase in Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? The Children participated eagerly by preparing ppt, videos on the given issue.
  • Photos on Environmental issues – The photos on the above issues were shown and the children were asked to speak about it, analyze the problems and give their suggestions to solve the problems.
  • Slogans on pollution - The Children were asked to prepare Slogans on Pollution.

Presentation and debate were done on the topics mentioned below:

  • Bhopal Gas Tragedy
  • History of Tsunami
  • Effects of vehicle emission

Literary Club

The English Literary Club was established to help students enhance their self-efficacy and confidence. It encourages and motivates young, ambitious minds to engage in demanding activities, hence strengthening students' interest in the English language. The club's goal is to widen the scope of language instruction beyond just grammar and reading. The pupils will get the opportunity to improve their English skills in a variety of ways. Through a variety of activities, the club allows students to practise English in a casual environment. The activities are as follows:

  • Extempore
  • Mono Acting
  • Poetry writing and recitation
  • Quiz
  • Debate
  • Elocution
  • Expansion of proverbs
  • Word Grid
  • Spellathon
  • Conversation
  • Anagrams

Tamil Club

தமிழ் இலக்கிய மன்றக் குழு

தயக்கமின்றி தமிழிலே பேசுவோம்:

மாணவர்களுக்கு ஆங்கிலம் கலவாமல் அன்னைத் தமிழ் மொழியிலேயே தங்களைப் பற்றிய அறிமுக உரை கூறப் பயிற்சி அளிக்கப்பட்டு, மாணவர்களும் ஆவலுடன் கூறி முடித்தனர்.

சிந்தனையைத் தூண்டும் தமிழ்ப் புதிர்கள் ,விடுகதைகள்:

மாணவர்களது சிந்தனை மற்றும் அறிவை வளர்க்கும் பொருட்டு வளர்தமிழில் விடுகதைகள் மற்றும் புதிர்கள் கேட்கப்பட்டது.மாணவர்களும் ஆர்வத்துடன் சிந்தித்து விடை கூறினர்.படைப்பாற்றலை ஊக்குவிக்கும் பொருட்டு தலைப்புகள் தரப்பட்டு கவிதைகள் எழுதினர்.

செந்தமிழ்த் தொகுப்பாளர்:

ஏதேனும் ஒரு விழா நிகழ்வை செந்தமிழில் தொகுத்து வழங்க பயிற்சியளிக்கப்பட்டு மாணவர்களும் நிகழ்ச்சிகளைத் தொகுத்து வழங்கினர்.செய்தித்தாள் வாசிக்கவும் பயிற்சியளிக்கப்பட்டது.

நமது பாரம்பரியம்! நமது பெருமை!

பண்பாட்டைப் பறை சாற்றும் பாரம்பரியச் சின்னங்களைப் பற்றி கற்பிக்கப்பட்டது.மாணவர்களும் பாரம்பரியச் சின்னங்கள், விளையாட்டுகள், இசைக்கருவிகள் பற்றி ஆர்வமுடன் பேசினர்.ஓவியங்கள் வரைந்தனர்.

உலகப் பொதுமறையாம் திருக்குறள் ஒப்புவித்தல்:

நீதி நூலாம் திருக்குறளின் மேன்மை பற்றி மாணவர்களுக்கு எடுத்துக் கூறப்பட்டது.குறிப்பிட்ட அதிகாரங்கள் வழங்கப்பட்டு மாணவர்களும் குறள் மற்றும் பொருளை ஒப்புவித்தனர்.

புதுமைகளைப் புகுத்தும் அன்னைத் தமிழ்-கலைச்சொல் அறிவோம்:

நவீன அறிவியல் கண்டுபிடிப்புகளுக்கு ஏற்ப ஆங்கிலச் சொற்களுக்கு இணையான தமிழ் சொற்களை அறியும் பொருட்டு கலைச்சொற்கள் கற்பிக்கப்பட்டது.முக்கிய தினங்கள் குறித்தும் கருத்தாடல் நடத்தப்பட்டது.

Spell Bee Club

Spell Bee club focused on learning new words, their meanings, spellings and pronunciation. To make the session interesting we included -- Anagram, puzzles, riddles, jumbled sentences, and pictorial representation of proverbs, rebus, and tongue twisters.

Newspaper reading also was conducted. The students participated enthusiastically. Using squid app and live board - mis - spelt word, silent letters were taught. Children showed interest in learning new words.

Quiz Club

Activities :

  • The quiz club students were shown the PPT of the following topics and information were given
  • Flags & currencies of Asian countries
  • Famous places and monuments in Europe
  • Mythology of India and folklore
  • Famous places and monuments in India
  • Olympic games
  • Inventions in India
  • Famous books and their authors
  • Agriculture in India etc.
  • Quiz competitions were conducted by dividing the students into three groups and knowledge testing was done
  • Anagrams

The quiz club students were taught to prepare ppt for the above topics and the presentation

  • collection of sources of information from the different websites
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Group forming and team spirit
  • Time management
  • Social values, moral values and cultural values
  • Heritage of our country and other countries
  • Information about our historical sites and monuments
  • Flora and fauna of our country
  • Customs, sports and folklore of our country

Social Club

The basic concepts of social studies are taught to children

  • Big bang explosion
  • Universe, Pangea, Panthalasa, Continents, Oceans
  • Latitudes & Longitudes - How to locate places on the Earth and in Atlas
  • Indian states - Information
  • Water bodies like Isthmus, Strait, Delta, Trenches (with examples)
  • Weather, Climate, Global Warming - Changes and Consequences - Remedies
  • Agriculture, different revolutions (green, blue, pink, white, yellow, grey, black)
  • Important Time line
  • World heritage

Maths Club

Math Club helps Children to become Math ambassadors themselves. The Club helps in motivating the students to learn Math with more interest and involvement. Math Club provides the children with opportunities to develop their creative and innovative thinking. Math Club inculcates the habit of self-solving and independent work among the children. Children show their active participation and maintain a notebook for doing the activities

Activities :

  • Logical thinking puzzles using Numbers
  • Reasoning Tricks
  • Brain teasers
  • Algebraic equation riddle
  • Picture puzzles
  • Puzzles using matchsticks
  • Showing Math symbols in Bharatanatyam
  • Magic square

हिंदी क्लब गतिविधियाँ

हिंदी क्लब गतिविधियाँ प्रारंभ करने का मुख्य उद्देश्य छात्रों की राष्ट्र भाषा हिंदी के प्रति रुचि उत्पन्न करना , भाषायी दक्षताएँ जैसे सुनना,बोलना (मौखिक हिंदी) पढ़ना लिखना आदि क्षमताओं का विकास, छात्रों के हिन्दी उच्चारण में शुद्धता लाना आदि है | छात्रों को इस गतिविधियों के द्वारा खेल-खेल में उनकी क्षमताओं का विकास करना है | छात्रों की गतिविधियों को इस प्रणाली के तहत छोटी - छोटी इकाइयों में बांटा गया है

प्रार्थना गीत







शीर्षक के अनुसार हिन्दी भाषण देना इत्यादि

Health & Fitness Club

Health and fitness club helps in motivating the students to learn yoga and more health tips. The students learnt yoga with much interest. They observed and followed all the tips given during the class hours sincerely. They also practiced health tips and physical fitness during their leisure hours.

The following projects were done:

  • Ancient yoga and modern yoga
  • Touch Therapy

Science Club

Each individual has their own interests, talents and inherent potential and they very much used the science club to present their own ideas by updating them more. They gave the feedback as they feel the real joy of learning new things and have more interest in creating innovative things, so we introduced the topic, ‘ INNOVATIVE IDEAS OF INVENTING THE BASIC NEEDS’. The teachers were really astonished with their inventions such as the foot mob, magnet base slipper to maintain social distance, umbrella fixed motor bike and so on. After learning about the vaccination schedule they felt like a paediatrician.

Art Club

The Art Club focuses on the expression and the qualitative preoccupation of its members through various creative activities, boosting expression and creativity, and enhancing imagination. Art club encourages students to express their thoughts, feelings and creativity through the various visual art forms from two dimensions to three dimensions. To tap the inherent talents and potentials of the student community at all levels of life.

Students from STD- 6, 7& 8 actively participate in various art forms of India and crafts. Art- Madhubani, Kalamkari, Phad, Warli, Kerala mural,3D drawing etc.huruli Craft- Kirigami, Origami, Clay work, Thematic Posters, papercraft and recycle craft.