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Whenever we hear or think about the word festival automatically a smile comes on our face. A festival is an occasion of enjoyment and celebration which promotes a child’s social interaction and harmony.

“Celebrations, in the case are an authentic means to recognize a child’s effort or accomplishment rather than focusing on reward systems.

Kids will remember an important day or festival only if they are told about what the occasion signifies. So a celebration makes them to aware of the things in a more feel and happy way. For a child celebrating events and festivals in school has become an integral part of growing, learning new activities, and building a strong cultural belief.

Here at GRT, we have always prioritized all the festivals and celebrations to happen in a very grand manner and have always taken efforts to inculcate in students the appreciation and respect of all festivals and celebrations which indulges the students to develop the respect for our tradition, moral values to understand our country’s rich heritage and diversity.

Investiture Celebrations

Professional Development Programs pave the way to create a panel of teachers who are well aware of the latest technological developments and pedagogy. Proper training allows the teachers to become efficient and helps to refine their careers as well.

Kindergarten Celebrations

The year 2022 – 2023, has been the most special, joyous, fun-filled and colourful year. Especially for our KG children who had created their own kingdom in GRT and has enlightened us through their uncommendable performance on various occasions.

Our tiny tots have proved that age is no bar to develop skills, talents like adults. They surprised us by their dance, songs, skit, speech on various occasions throughout the year.

Let us take you through this wonderful journey and beautiful memories which had happened throughout the year.

I. Colours day

Colours day was celebrated by our PRE KG children during the months of June, July, November and February. Children were dressed up in the related coloured dress based on the theme, activities were done similarly related with the theme.

II. Regional Festivals:

1. Onam Celebrations:

Onam celebrations happened in a grand manner. All the teachers and KG students had contributed and made the celebration a big success.

  • PRE Kg – Children came in their traditional attires.
  • LKG – Children dressed up like Mahabali and Vamanan. A song also was performed by our little ones.
  • UKG – Children had given a dance performance which really amazed the audience.

A song also was performed by all our KG Teachers for Onam festival. The entire event was compared by our UKG Children. Krishna Jayanthi, Vianayagar Chathurthi, Diwali, Christmas and Pongal Celebrations – Our children enjoyed and also had a great time gracing the occasions. All our children were dressed up in their traditional attires. Activities were conducted for them in their respective classes related to the festivals. Importance of the festival, reason of celebrating that festival also was explained in detail to our children.

2. Independence Day & Republic Day

Flags and sweets were distributed to our little ones. Teachers had a conversation with their little ones about our country, explaining our country’s richness and heritage. Activities done in each of the KG classes.

PRE KG – A group activity (National Flag) was done and a tricolour watch was given as a take away.

LKG - A picture of National Flag was drawn by our LKG students as a group activity.

UKG – A crush paper activity was done by our senior KG children.

Takeaways given: by the teachers to appreciate the presence of our child

PRE-KG – Soft toy

LKG – A flower

UKG – A momento

3. Project Day

Project day happened on Feb 5th 2023. Students from

PRE KG : Transport

LKG : Animals

UKG : Uses & Importance of Plants and Trees

Activities done during such festivals in the classrooms are as follows:

LKG : Apple – fingerprint activity
Umbrella for vinayagar chathurthi
Activity done for marking attendance

UKG : Vinayagar made out of leaves
Pot painting
Ice cream stick
Glitter paper activity
Vowels – Tree
Clay Activity

By the grace of almighty God, we can proudly say that our KG children had a joyful, safe, happy year in which along with all the events, they also have developed a lot personally and academically. A long with education, creativity, leadership qualities, desire to learn, eagerness to participate and achieve, sportsmanship, equality and discipline also had become so easy for them to inherit and get into practice.

And happily our shining stars have successfully completed this one whole year with great joy and excellence.

Staff Awards

Every year, two of our teachers receive the best teacher award from Lions Club for their selfless and exemplary contribution to the field of education for more than 20 years. The organizing committee acknowledged their love for teaching and learning, making learning real, and creating a sense of learning community in the school. Both of them were deserving recipients of this prestigious award. We are proud that their long years of dedicated service in the field of education in GRT MV have been recognized and honored. Surely this will be a great inspiration to many other staff and students in the GRT Family.