Training Programs

Faculty Training Programs

Professional Development Programs pave the way to create a panel of teachers who are well aware of the latest technological developments and pedagogy. Proper training allows the teachers to become efficient and helps to refine their careers as well.

KG Academy

If you are eager to get started as a teacher or broaden your horizon as a teaching professional in the pre and primary segment then you need to develop your skills and gain an understanding of the learning needs of your students. The courses - Pre and Primary Teacher Training (PPTT), Montessori Teacher Training (MTT), Nursery Teacher Training (NTT), and Early Years Care & Education (EYCE) are comprehensive in nature and provide an understanding of the theories and methods of early year’s education.

  • Courses will provide you with flexible learning opportunities
  • Combine Online Learning with Periodic Classroom sessions.

GRT KG Academy for Teachers offers International Teaching Diploma Program in live online mode to aid teaching aspirants/working teaching professionals to gain in-depth knowledge in Pre and Primary Teaching which emphasizes Early Years Care, Pre & Primary, Montessori, and Nursery education. The trainees can pursue the course safely from the comfort of their homes, saving time and cost while the live online sessions provide the opportunity to attend live classes, interact and collaborate with peers, have live interaction with trainers, and participate in various activities. The course aims to equip the teaching aspirants with the latest methodologies and skills and helps to bring the creativity and innovation to their teaching. Get the scope to interact with Academy’s trainers and your peers during your classes, to make your course experience an outstanding one.

Know Your Leader

A good leader is a person, who guides and inspires others with his / her wisdom, professional and personal behavior. Excelling in all academic and co-curricular activities, a good leader also facilitates high performance from the other students at the same time lending an ear to all their suggestions and grievances and working toward resolving them. GRT Mahalakshmi Vidyalaya has helped in creating such students with these qualities and they were handed the responsibility to inspire others with their qualities.

Student Focus

For primary education, GRT offers an integrated, multidisciplinary curriculum. Our academically demanding curriculum is combined with the creative arts and presented in a creative manner to engage kids physically, cognitively, and emotionally.

Artificial Intelligence

A unique integrated AI programme aids students to be well-acquainted with technology and enhances their imagination and creativity. This AI platform will enable students to experience a real-life exposure to the AI concepts at an early stage of life. Students will be introduced to AI using unique methodologies like Block-Based coding through which they can perform interactive activities.

Keyboarding Skills

We at GRT are the pioneers in teaching keyboarding skills to students at the school level to create the ability to type smoothly with all available fingers without looking at the keyboard. The skill has become inevitable in education and in most careers. It has even become an integral part of our education system as there is a widely held conviction that typewriting skills acquired at an early stage might upgrade the students’ acquisition of the English Language.

Life Skills Education

The Life Skills and counseling component is closely linked with academic programmes to ensure that the learning process is relevant and holistically fits the needs of students. Students gain leadership skills through gaining hands-on experience leading life skills lessons. A Life Skills programme is included in the GRT MV curriculum. Students get to learn tools that help to manage their emotions, become more self-aware, communicate effectively and manage interpersonal relationships.

Physical Education

PE is an integral part of the school programme because it allows students to improve their physical condition while also learning important life skills like discipline, perseverance, teamwork, and stress management. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing students’ skills so that they can compete in a variety of sports. Physical activity and fitness have been shown to improve health and academic achievement while also having a direct impact on social behavior and overall development. At GRT MV, students can participate in a number of sports and physical activities, including throw-ball, volleyball, basketball, yoga, and athletics.